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Somewhere Back In Time

Somewhere Back In Time
1.Churchill's Speech0:50
2.Aces High /live/4:36
3.2 Minutes To Midnight6:00
4.The Trooper4:11
5.Wasted Years5:06
6.Children Of The Damned4:35
7.The Number Of The Beast4:53
8.Run To The Hills3:53
9.Phantom Of The Opera /live/7:21
10.The Evil That Men Do4:34
11.Wrathchild /live/3:07
12.Can I Play With Madness3:31
14.Hallowed Be Thy Name7:12
15.Iron Maiden /live/4:50
Дата выпуска:12.05.2008
Общее время звучания:70:53

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