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АвторLawrence Paterson  


Wolfsbane (1985) Demo
Manhunt/Clutching At Straws/The Follower/G.S.B.

Clutching At Straws/5 AM (1985) Single

Loco! (1988) EP
Loco!/Dance Dirty/Limousine/Killer

Wasted But Dangerous (1988) EP
Loco!/Nitro (Methane Injected Turbo Super Fireball From Hell Mix)/Dance Dirty! (Wickedly Sensual Grinding Pelvis Mix)/Limousine! (Stains On The Back Seat Mix)/Killer! (Slow Tortuous Death – Vomit Under A Full Moon Mix)

Live Fast Die Fast (1989) LP
Manhunt/Shakin‘/Killing Machine/Fell Out Of Heaven/Money To Burn/Greasy/I Like It Hot/All Or Nothing/Tears From A Fool/Pretty Baby

All Hell‘s Breaking Loose Down At Little Kathy Wilson‘s Place! (1990) EP
Steel/Paint The Town Red/Loco!/Hey Babe/Totally Nude/Kathy Wilson

Ezy (1991) EP
Ezy/Black Lagoon/Load Me Down/Dead At Last

I Like It Hot (1991) EP
I Like It Hot

Shakin‘ (1989) EP
Shakin‘/Brando/Angel/Money To Burn

Down Fall The Good Guys (1991) LP
Smashed And Blind/You Load Me Down/Ezy/Black Lagoon/Broken Doll/Twice As Mean/Cathode Ray Clinic/The Loveless/After Midnight/Temple Of Rock/Moonlight/Dead At Last

After Midnight (1992) EP
After Midnight/Idol/Win or Lose/Hey Babe (Acoustic)

Wolfsbane (1994) LP
Wings/Lifestyles Of The Broke And Obscure/My Face/Money Talks/Seen How It‘s Done/Beautiful Lies/Protect And Survive/Black Machine/Violence/Die Again / Say Goodbye

Everything Else (1994) Bonus CD
Rope & Ride/Want Me For You (Anti-Nowhere League cover)/End Of The Century/Hollow Man

Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen cover)


The X Factor (1995) LP
Sign Of The Cross/Lord Of The Flies/Man On The Edge/Fortunes Of War/Look For The Truth/The Aftermath/Judgement Of Heaven/Blood On The World‘s Hands/The Edge Of Darkness/2 A.M./The Unbeliever

Best Of The Beast (1996) LP – various formats Limited Edition CD
Virus/Sign of the Cross/Man on the Edge/Afraid to Shoot Strangers (Live)/Be Quick or Be Dead/Fear of the Dark (Live)/Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter/Holy Smoke/The Clairvoyant/Can I Play with Madness/The Evil that Men Do/Heaven Can Wait/Wasted Years/Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Live)/Running Free (Live)/2 Minutes to Midnight/Aces High/Where Eagles Dare/The Trooper/The Number of the Beast/Run to the Hills/Hallowed Be Thy Name/Wrathchild/Phantom of the Opera/Sanctuary/Strange World/Iron Maiden

Virtual XI (1998) LP
Futureal/The Angel and the Gambler/Lightning Strikes Twice/The Clansman/When Two Worlds Collide/The Educated Fool/Don‘t Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger/Como Estais Amigos


Silicon Messiah (2000) LP
Ghost in the Machine/Evolution/Silicon Messiah/Born As A Stranger/The Hunger/The Brave/Identity/Reach For The Horizon/The Launch/Stare At The Sun

The Tenth Dimension (2002) LP
Forgotten Future/Kill & Destroy/End Dream/The Tenth Dimension/Nothing Will Stop Me/Leap Of Faith/The Truth Revealed/Meant To Be/Land Of The Blind/Stealing Time/Speed Of Light/Stranger To The Light

As Live As It Gets (2003) Double LP
Speed Of Light/When Two Worlds Collide/Steel/Kill & Destroy/ End Dream/Stare At The Sun/Land Of The Blind/Silicon Messiah/Dazed & Confused/Virus/The Brave/Stranger To The Light/Identity/Sign Of The Cross/Futureal/Ghost In The Machine/Born As A Stranger

Blood & Belief (2004) LP
Alive/Ten Seconds/Blood & Belief/Life And Death/Tearing Yourself Into Pieces/Hollow Head/Will To Win/Regret/The Path And The Way/Soundtrack Of My Life


The Man Who Would Not Die (2008) LP
The Man Who Would Not Die/Blackmailer/Smile Back At Death/While You Were Gone/Samurai/Crack In The System/Robot/At The End Of The Day/Waiting For My Life To Begin/Voices From The Past/The Truth Is One/Serpent Hearted Man

The Night That Will Not Die (2009) Double LP
The Man Who Would Not Die/Blackmailer/Smile Back At Death/Alive/Identity/Kill & Destroy/Ghost In The Machine/Ten Seconds/Futureal/The Launch/Lord Of The Flies/Leap Of Faith/Edge Of Darkness/Crack In The System/Voices From The Past/Stare At The Sun/Born As A Stranger/Man On The Edge/While You Were Gone/Samurai/Robot


Hipostasis (1999) LP
Poisoned Soul/Learned Helplessness/The Lower Man/Lymbic Zone/Consummatum Est/Unchainment/Syndrome of Alienation/Hipostasis

Behind Mankind‘s Disguise (2003) LP
Blame Game/Trap/Face Of Emptiness/Under Threat/Serpent‘s Lick/Ghost And The Machine/Desperate Human‘s Path/Behind Mankind‘s Disguise/End Of Grace/Infestation/Gates Of Deception/The Warning/Mirrors Of Dejection

Deathmosphere (2006) LP
Deathmosphere/Kingdom of Eternal Crisis/Parallel Hells/Echo Shaped Life/Black Inertia/Disintegration/Embraced by Disaster/Prisoners of Their Own Betrayal/Read the Codes/Restrained Hate/Coexistance/Aggressor/Third World Blood


Fourwaykill (Demo) 1997
Tribe/Human/Killing Kind/Download/God For Nothing

Kill Or Cure (2001) EP
Should I Not Wake/Removing Face/Deadweight/Suffer To Serve/Numbstruckdumb

24 Hours To Die (2003) EP
24 Hours to Die/Discipline/Removing Face/Reclamation Rite/Dusted (Six Feet Down)/Deadweight

Tappin‘ the Vein (To be released) LP
Speedball/Trigger/Hangman/Down/Curse Of God/Anti-All ‘06/Human/Killing Kind ‘06/Legalities Of Formal Hate/Pacifying The Aggressor


Darkened Reality (1993) LP
Judge And Jury/Suicide Commercially/Guilty Of No Crime/No Second Chance/Racist Nation/Deadline/Nightmare Vision/Choose Your Weapons/Darkened Reality


Chokehold (2006) EP
Legion/Am I?/Hate Department/Hollow Soul/Faith Of Fear

The Killing Has Begun (2006) LP
Dreams of One/Shadow of Eagles/Stay True/Hollow Soul/Mocking Liberty/Faith of Fear/Hellbound/Broken Will/Am I?/Hate Dept/Fallen/Forgotten

Sweet Sense Of Genocide (2007) LP
Life On Loan/Blindfolded/Post Work Syndrome/Gutterman/Eyes of Democracy/Apes Of Illness/Die Free/To Be More Than Thee/Pay, Pain, Crave

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